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iDLOpto – Optimization Engine

Developing a cost-effective optimization solution that caters to a complex set of constraints is always a challenge. The solution must optimize by maximizing the desired factors and minimizing the undesired ones within reasonable and acceptable computation cycle times.


iDataLytics’ iDLOpto is a state-of-the-art optimization solution that can be applied to a myriad of business use cases that require constraint-based optimization. Our solution takes a holistic approach to problem solving as opposed to methods that rely on linear/sequential methods. iDLOpto helps businesses address complex decisions and potential trade-offs pertaining to resource allocation. Discover previously unknown options or approaches by automatically evaluating millions of possible choices.


Key Features

  • State of the art mathematical optimization techniques

  • Flexible deployment and usage options on premise & cloud

  • Customizable KPI dashboard

  • Terrific flexibility in terms of selecting the Objectives and Constrains


Key Benefits

  • Helps businesses make complex decisions and trade-offs associated with limited resource allocations

  • Allows for a holistic approch to problem solving as opposed to the linear/sequential method of problem solving.

  • Automate and streamline allocation decisions

  • Explore business scenarios and alternatives - understand trade-offs/sensitivities to various changes


Representative Use Cases

Fleet assignment and management

Depot / Warehouse management

Logistics network design

Vehicle routing and delivery scheduling

Yard, crew, driver and maintenance scheduling

Inventory optimization