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Operational Analytics


NetSights 360

Operational analytics is a vital requirement for high preforming businesses. Our, one-of-a-kind NetSights platform can generate 360° insights from any operational time-series data.

  • The only integrated, intelligent, operational analytics platform that can be customized for businesses, irrespective of the industry vertical

  • Obtain real-time, end-to-end views of your operational performance

  • Leverage 360° insights to significantly reduce your operational costs and improve business performance


NetSights360 – Core Functionality

KPI Computation

Configurable KPI engine. Calculate operational and service performance KPIs in real-time

AI based Anomaly Detection

Real-time anomaly detection using machine learning algorithms

Root Cause Analysis

Identify performance issue root causes and flag them for action

Insights & Recommendations

Develop insights on performance root cause and develop actionable recommendations

Visualization & Reporting

Advanced visualization and reporting of operational metrics

Correlation Mapping

Generate insights, actions and outcomes by correlating across key data sets

NetSights360–Distinguishing Features

Universal Ingestion

Supports data ingestion of any time-series data source


Cutting-edge analytics for both real-time and batch processing

Machine Learning

Self learning algorithms for accurate analysis and predictions


Automation of performance and analysis reporting summaries

Scenario Persistence

"Digital String" of insights, actions and outcomes across key data sets


Workflow management and issue ticket management


Representative Use Cases

Wireless Providers and Cable MSOs

Service Assurance

KPI Analysis

Performance Monitoring & Optimization

Operations Analysis

IOT Platforms

Service Assurance

KPI Analysis

Sensor Monitoring

Proactive Maintenance

Cloud / Infrastructure Providers

KPI Analysis

Storage and Computer Monitoring

Service Optimization

Capacity Planning


Fleet/Operations performance

Customer Analytics

Fraud Detection and Compliance

Proactive Maintenance