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Claims Processing Automation



Insurance companies are constantly looking for claims processing solutions that increase operational efficiencies, improve customer satisfaction and reduce overall costs. iDataLytics has developed a state-of-the-art solution, ReClaim, that assists claims processing personnel to efficiently adjudicate incoming customer claims based on the merits and provisions stipulated in that customer’s policy. The solution can be utilized by life insurance carriers, property/casualty insurance carriers and reinsurance carriers


Key Features

Automated Processing of Policies and Claims – Whether it is a simple consumer insurance policy or a complex commercial policy, ReClaim can process large volumes of claims against the matching policy provisions to assist the adjuster in adjudicating the claims.


Improved Adjudication Accuracy – Carriers can eliminate errors due to manual adjudication, especially in situations where a large volume of claims need to be processed.


Simplified workflow – Insurance adjuster uses ReClaim to automatically match policy provisions and claim information to help adjudicate the claim. Adjuster forwards applicable provisions for further investigation and processing.


Cutting-edge technology - ReClaim incorporates highly complex text analytics algorithms that leverage the most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques.


Key Benefits

Dramatically improved claims processing speed
Improved adjudication accuracy
Reduced overall costs
Higher CSAT