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Internet of Things (IOT)

We are living in an increasingly connected world. Aided with sensors, every device, appliance, gadget, vehicle or industrial machinery is now capable of tapping into the communications network to exchange information that is of value to a consumer or enterprise. IOT/IOE opens up a whole new world of monetization opportunities and operational efficiencies that enterprises can leverage. According to Gartner it is predicted that 25 billion sensors will generate $1.9 trillion in global economic value by 2020. IOT/IOE is here to stay. The question that enterprises need to ask is whether they are prepared for a totally connected world of opportunities.


While the business potential of IOT/IOE is clear, enterprises could face significant technological challenges in an IOT/IOE ecosystem. The onslaught of data and information that enterprises have to cope up with can pose significant challenges on the transmission, management, storage, retrieval and security fronts.


iDataLytics can help bootstrap your IOT/IOE initiatives. Our services include :


IOT Strategy

Leverage our technology strategy expertise to lay out a roadmap for your IOT strategy. Our technology agnostic, business value focused approach ensures that your enterprise embarks on a well-thought out, incremental approach to reach your ultimate goals. Among other things, our strategic evaluation will cover capabilities and readiness of your IOT enablers (technology and business organizations), identification/discovery of key use cases for IOT implementation, initiative ROI, and roadmaps to help you get there.


Proof of Concept (POC) Development

We can stand up a quick POC/Prototype to validate key big data use cases before you invest time and money on a full-blown IOT implementation. These POCs can be built and demonstrated on iDataLytics’ secure cloud infrastructure eliminating the need for you to make infrastructure investments without proving out the business case.


Technology Evaluation

As a vendor agnostic consulting services provider, iDataLytics will perform a holistic evaluation of your technology ecosystem to identify and advice on your IOT technology roadmap and recommendations. We will clearly articulate whether your IOT solution should be a point solution or a platform solution. Rest assured, we will pick the best of breed products and solutions to best suit your business and platform needs.


Data Infrastructure Evaluation and Modeling

Data processing and management forms the backbone of IOT implementations. Our Data Evaluation services will include a comprehensive analysis of your data ecosystem and assess how well your organization is prepared to embark on an IOT initiative, from a data perspective. Our analysis will address how you will define your data streams, how your platform will process the data streams, and what business action you want to take on the data that was processed. This exercise will ultimately lead to the creation of your data strategy, IOT data governance, storage and retrieval approaches, and creation of your IOT data models.