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Big Data

Over the past few years, Big Data has evolved from being an over-hyped concept to something that delivers tangible value to an enterprise. The availability of new tools and systems for handling massive amounts of data at incredible speeds is paving way for new business insights that enable companies to improve both top-line and bottom-line performance. The real promise of advanced data analytics lies beyond the realm of pure technology. It takes a holistic approach (that includes, among other things, business domain expertise, statistical analysis, data aggregation, and data governance) to realize the full potential of big data. Instead of just reporting on business performance, enterprises can now start anticipating them, and ultimately change business outcomes. Enterprises that fail to harness this potential of big data are bound to do so at their own peril and will soon be deemed a vestige of the legacy world.


iDataLytics brings to bear a legacy of expertise and skillsets in the big data and information management domains. With several certified big data (Cloudera and HortonWorks platforms) consultants on our roster we are well equipped to tackle your most complex big data challenges. 


Our suite of services include :


Big Data Strategy

We will provide an unbiased, honest assessment of your strategic Big Data needs including advice on whether big data is even required to help solve your business problems. Utilizing our, unique, 5VSM (Vision, Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity) framework, we will cover all elements of the big data equation. Our methodical approach evaluates management readiness as well as technical readiness since both of these dimensions are key to the success of your big data initiative. Our strategic recommendations will include the development of a roadmap to help you execute your strategy.


Proof of Concept (POC) Development

We can stand up a quick POC to validate key big data use cases before you invest time and money on a full-blown implementation. These POCs can be built and demonstrated on iDataLytics secure cloud infrastructure eliminating the need for you to make infrastructure investments without proving out the business case.

Technology Evaluation

As a vendor agnostic consulting services provider, iDataLytics will perform a holistic evaluation of your technology ecosystem to identify and advice on your big data technology roadmap and platform recommendations. Rest assured that we will pick the best of breed products and solutions to best suit your business and platform needs.

Big Data Implementation

We can help you with your big data development and implementation. Our seasoned developers are well versed in the myriad of tools, technologies and languages that make up the big data implementation space.

Our expertise includes:














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Managed Services, Support and Maintenance

We at iDataLytics believe that companies are better off when they devote their time and resources to focus on unearthing big data insights and not be consumed by the day-to-day operations that support the big data infrastructure. Our big data managed services will provide comprehensive business and operational support to your big data applications and infrastructure making your business agile, flexible, and responsive to consumer demands and market changes. Using a combination of support and hosting models we will work with your IT departments to stand up, maintain and monitor your big data platforms.

Staff Augmentation

Companies are constantly on the look out for augmenting their big data project teams with external consulting talent. The skills required to deliver a big data initiative are multi-fold. Successful big data project teams rely on resources that have a combination of skills including business domain expertise, statistics, mathematical modeling, data analysis and querying, and programming. It is a fact that the availability of qualified resources with such skills is in short supply. iDataLytics team of seasoned recruiters understand the marketplace dynamics for big data talent. We can identify, source, vet and staff the right talent for your big data initiatives.