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Application Services

Software application development has not only evolved continuously but has transformed rapidly over the last few decades. Application environments have transitioned from fat client to thin client to client-server, and from client-server to smart client architectures. Organizations are finding it challenging to keep up with this dizzying pace of application technology evolution and are at odds deciding whether to build the expertise within or seek external help. With over 100+ years of cumulative application development expertise, iDataLytics consultants are well positioned, and qualified, to develop your software applications no matter the complexity of the platform or the application technology stack.
iDataLytics offers a full range of application services for its clients. These include:

Application Development

Our suite of application development services address the end-to-end software development lifecycle including architecture, design, development, and testing. iDataLytics consultants have a diverse set of application development skillsets that span legacy, web and mobile development environments. These skillsets have been honed over decades of experience building applications for small, medium and large-scale businesses across multiple industry verticals (financial, telecom, retail, banking, healthcare, transportation, public sector/government etc.). Our technology domain expertise includes:


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Application Maintenance

Our application maintenance services are designed to relieve you of the burden of enhancing or maintaining your key applications. We believe that your time is better spent on innovating new product and application features while delegating the burden of routine maintenance and support to external teams that are focused and competent in handling those responsibilities. A compelling resource cost and quality model coupled with an efficient delivery mechanism ensures that we provide the best returns for your maintenance and support dollars. Our service offerings include:

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