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Why iDataLytics



Consulting services companies are a dime-a-dozen and they come in all sorts of hues and colors. We understand that businesses have many options at their disposal when deciding to partner with a service and solution provider. So, the key question to ask is:  Why iDataLytics?


The answer is plain and simple. Traditional consulting shops have over-promised and under-delivered. iDataLytics was founded on the core belief that consulting engagements, when meticulously understood, staffed and executed, can lead to tangible business results. We go beyond the snazzy PowerPoint presentations to actually deliver what we promise. Our one client at a time philosophy has ensured that we do justice to what we sell and set ourselves for repeat success. We truly believe that trust is earned one client at a time and that we will be given only one chance to prove ourselves. Changes in technology do not intimidate us. Neither do evolving processes, methodologies, or business models. As a firm we constantly re-tool ourselves to the shifting solution landscape so that we are ready and prepared. These core beliefs in conjunction with our commitment to doing business with integrity pave the way for an enduring client relationship.


We take pride in our past successes and failures. We constantly strive to imbibe a consultative mindset in our personnel emphasizing the fact that whatever we do for our clients have to be of value. As leaders and consultants, we bring to bear a collective set of domain and delivery experiences that cut across multiple industries and functions and have withstood the test of multiple clients. In every stage of our client engagements we try our best to infuse innovative thinking that showcases our business and technical thought leadership. Whether you need help crafting a big data strategy, building a custom software solution, mobile enabling your business apps, or augmenting your workforce with specialized skills, think no further. We can do any or all of these without having you break your bank. Several companies ranging from small/medium size businesses to Fortune 50 enterprises have started engaging us as a trusted partner. Won’t you?